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The Witness

 People who personally know me and have known me all my life know that my "visions" have been something difficult for me. A point of contention that peppered my disturbing childhood and adolescence. As of this year, 5 decades on this Earth, I finally said out loud " I think I have been a more spiritual person living in a more material world and it has been very difficult for me. This morning I read a post on X that hit the nail on the head. I have been a witness to the darkness on this planet. I have watched dark horrors unfold before me. As my spirituality strengthens, the more of this I have to confront. My spirituality has meant more to me than the material. That has been my fight. My integration of this duality. Trying to understand my experiences here has been the theme of my life. It started as a child with "seeing things and the future" that other's didn't see. It evolved into very dark trauma that led to decades of difficulty to come to the ligh

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